Snapseed Apk Download For Android & iOS Updated 2020

Snapseed is the best photo editing application for both Android & iOS, you can also install & use Snapseed on PC.

It is entirely free to use the application, you will not need to pay anything to use its any tool or filters. 

This advanced photo editing application comes with more than 29 photo editing tools and filters that allow you to enhance or edit your photos professionally.

Below we have shared everything you need to know about Snapseed, its features, downloading & installation, you can check out our another article on Snapseed for PC

Download the Latest Version of Snapseed Apk

SizeAndroid Version: 22 MB & iOS Version: 99.6 MB
RequirementsAndroid: Android 4.4 and higher & iOS: iOS 9.0 and higher.
License Free
Developed ByGoogle
ToolsMore than 29 tools
Can EditAll types of files & RAW files also.

It is available to download & install on Google Playstore & App Store, You can directly install it in your smartphone, click on the below button to download it.

Snapseed Comes With More Than 29 Tools and Filters

1. Curves

Curves will provide you with precise control over the brightness levels.

2. Grainy Film

Help you to enhance your images as a modern film looks with realistic grain

3. Crop

You know about Crop tools. Basically, the tool is to separate a particular area in the image.

4. Perspective

A Perspective is an advanced tool that helps you to fix skewed lines and improve the geometry of horizons or buildings.

5. White Balance

This tool allows you to color correct your image to make to more natural.

6. Brush

You can retouch all types of images with multiple sizes of the bush, help you to correct exposure, saturation, brightness, or warmth.

7. Selective

Selective is another advance tool, by which you can position up to 8 points on the image and specify them enhancements.

8. Grunge

Delivers you an edgy look with active styles and texture overlays

9. Expand

Expand is the most useful tools in Snapseed for PC, You can increase the image from all side, You can use this tool if you want to set up a full picture on your profile.

10. Details

Allows you to carry out surface structures in images magically

11. RAW Develop

This tool allows you to open and edit RAW DNG files. You can save them as non destructively or export as JPG.

12. Drama

Allows you to add a hint of doomsday to your photo in 6 different styles.

13. Tune Image

This is the most used and preferred tool by new editors, it will increase automatically adjust the exposure and color of the image, Also allows you to recorrect the setting with excellent, precise controls manually.

14. Face Pose

Allows you to correct the pose of portraits based on three-dimensional models.

15. Vintage

As like the name, this tool is all about to enhance photos like the ’50s, ’60s, or 70’s image.

16. Lens Blur

This tool is mostly used in the enhancement of the image, very useful if you are working with photographic portraits, it helps you to add a beautiful Bokeh to images.

17. Glamour Glow

If you deal with the fashion or portraits, you will need this tool, allows you to add file glow to images.

18. Black & White

Allows you to transfer your image in a classic Black and White look straight out of the darkroom

19. Healing

Helps you to remove the unwanted area from the image

20. Vignette

Make your photos more attractive by adding soft darkness around the corners as a beautiful wide aperture would do.

21. Rotate

Help you to rotate the image or any elements as you want.

22. Text

Allows you to add text in multiple styles and sizes.

23. Tonal Contrast

Will enhance the details selectively in the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights

24. HDR Scape

HDR Scape delivers a marvelous look to your images by generating the effect of various exposures.

25. Noir

Help you to work with Black and White’s film looks with realistic grain and the “wash” effect

26. Retrolux

Helps you to work with light leaks, scratches, film styles

27. Frames

It comes with multiple types of structures and adjustable size.

28. Double exposure

You can blend two photos, choosing from blend mode, which is inspired by shooting on film and by digital image processing.

29. Face Enhance

It helps you to enhance your photo in a real manner; you can add focus to your eyes, add face-specific lighting, or smoothen skin.

Install Snapseed In Android and iOS

There are tons of photo editing applications available out there, some of them are free & paid, but no one is as good as Snapseed.

It is available on both Google Playstore and Apple Store, you can download and install it from there. Follow the instructions to install it in android. 

Step 1:  First of all, open the Google Playstore. In the search box at the top search for Snapseed.

Install Snapseed In Android

Step 2: Click the application; now, here will get the button to install it.

Install Snapseed In Android

Step 3: Once you have done with the installation, open, and enjoy. 

Install Snapseed In Android

That’s how you can download and install it in Android, for iOS visit Apple Store >> Search for Snapseed >> Click on install and you are done. 

Download & install Snapseed in Windows and Mac

You can install Snapseed in Windows & Mac with the help of an android emulator. First, you have to install the android emulator on your PC.

There are tons of android emulator available out there; we will suggest you go with Bluestacks or NoxPlayer, both are entire free android emulator and comes with easy to use, user-friendly interface.

Check here to read the complete Snapseed installation process in Windows & Mac with Bluestacks android emulator.

It is not officially available for PC, but you can install and enjoy its all features in Windows and Mac with the help of an android emulator.

Some Cool Features of Snapseed Apk

  • Snapseed comes with more than 29 tools and filters for special effects.
  • You can edit multiple types of files, including JPG and RAW files also.
  • It also allows you to save your personal looks; you can also apply your looks to another photo later.
  • Features selective filter brush
  • All your photo effects and styles can be tweaked with excellent, precise control.
  • It is not hard to use Snapseed, but you will also get the complete video tutorial of all tools in the application for additional help.

Advantages of using Snapseed

  • Snapseed features tons of editing tools filter as comper to VSCO and Polarr. 
  • It comes advanced and easy to use the feature for spot-fixing; you will not see these features in other photo editing applications such as VSCO. 
  • It is entirely free, you will not need to single cent to use any of its features. 
  • Allows you to edit row images, which you can not edit in other similar application including VSCO and PicsArt. 
  • It helps you to enhance your portrait pictures, but in other such applications, this feature is missing.
  • When it comes to free application, you will see ads, but in terms of Snapseed, you will not see any ads while you are working, it is entirely ad-free. 

Disadvantages of using Snapseed

  • When you install Snapseed for the first time, you have to spend some time learning to edit.

Top Alternatives of Snapseed

1. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is one of the best professional photo editing application developed by Adobe; You can adjust the color & light in an image with the help of user-friendly sliders.

You will get complete control over the image with selective adjustments, allows you to remove any unwanted object with the healing brush, even the larger objects also.

Adobe Lightroom features a very easy to use interface, but in terms of any problem you take the help of its interactive tutorials, you will get complete step by step instructions.

Lightroom is available for Android, iOS Windows & Mac

2. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is another best video editing application, comes with tons of advanced photo editing tools including photo effects, drawing tools, image editor, collage maker, sticker maker, camera, photo filters, video editor, free image library, face editor with face swap, beautify tools & lots of other.

It features all the professional photo editing tools; it will not be wrong if we say PicsArt is the Photoshop for android. You can change the background of the image, add or remove any objects in it.

PicsArt Photo Editor is not entirely free; you have to pay to use some premium features.

3. LightX Photo Editor

This is the best photo editor for selfie and portrait photos; the application will automatically smooth and sharp image also allows you to do it manually, comes with a wide range of automatic selfie filters.

You can remove all spots and marks, including pimples and blemishes from your face. If you want to change your hair colour or wish to apply different hairstyles, then you can do it easily with this Photo Editor.

It is very easy to change to the background with LightX Photo Editor, with its Lasso tool, you can remove any background.

4. Adobe Photoshop

There is no need to introduce Adobe Photoshop, it is an first choice of every professional photo editor, available for all the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows & Mac.

This application will satisfy all your editing needs, but it is not easy to use this advance photo editing; it takes a month to learn Photoshop thoroughly.

You have to purchase to use premium features, Adobe Photoshop is not free.

Photoshop allows you to save your image in different formats, including jpg, png, pdf, and tons of other. With its Spot Healing tool, you can easily overcome blemishes and spots from selfies and portraits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better Lightroom or Snapseed?

Both applications are made for different needs, but when it comes to easy to use interface, Snapseed is our favorite.

2. Is Snapseed free?

Yes, Snapseed is entirely free; you will not need to pay a single cent to use any of its features.

3. Can you use Snapseed on your computer?

Yes, you can use Snapseed on Windows and Mac both, for that first you have to install Android Emulator on your computer and then you will be able to install Snapseed on your computer.

4. Can Snapseed edit RAW?

Yes, You can edit RAW with Snapseed.


We hope this article about Snapseed apk download for Android & iOS is helpful for you, it is one of the best photo editing application, feature easy to use interface, advanced & professional photo editing features.

This advance photo editing application is also used by professionals to achieve some special effects; it’s a free photo-editing application. If the article is useful for you then kindly do share it on social media, Must read our another article on Snapseed Apk For PC, Stay connected with for future updates.